Office Mission & Team

We are dedicated to providing superior quality orthodontic care as measured by the highest current standards. We will strive to achieve facial balance, excellent dental function, and straight teeth for each patient as part of a beautiful, healthy smile. We believe that an attractive smile can truly enhance the quality of life and the self-esteem of our patients.

We believe in fully educating our patients about the various options available to them in their orthodontic treatment. The doctor and staff encourage open communication and are always available for your questions. We also believe that our patients’ time is as valuable as our own. We believe that our staff is a team, and is committed to making our patients’ experience with orthodontics caring, comfortable, friendly, and fun. It is our mission that our staff be well-trained in the latest techniques and be dedicated to providing a professional office atmosphere at all times. Excellent sterilization techniques will always be employed for your protection.

We believe in representing our community regarding dental health by participating in community activities and by educating the members of our community about excellent dental health. We dedicate our time, talents, and energy to these goals.